District AVID Student Essay Winners

AVID students in 6th – 12th grades had the opportunity to participate in an essay writing contest as part of their semester final for their AVID elective classes.  One student at each grade level was recognized from across the district for creating an outstanding piece of work expressing their response to the prompt: What makes AVID unique? How has AVID helped you?
Cynthia Martinez, SAISD AVID Coordinator recognized the following students for their essays along with the AVID teachers and administrators who support them:
6th Grade Winner from Longfellow Emily Velasquez with Dr. Terry (principal), Mr. Bermea (AVID Teacher), Ms. Martinez (District AVID Coordinator) and Mrs. Rodriguez (Campus AVID Coordinator)
7th grade winner from Longfellow Erick Salas with Mr. Reyna (AVID Teacher) and Ms. Martinez (District AVID Coordinator)
8th grade winner from Harris Aiden Garcia with Ms. Martinez (District AVID Coordinator), Dr. Velasquez (principal) and Mrs. Castillo (AVID Teacher)
Students from Travis – 9th Grade Winner Nathan Paredes, 10th grade Winner Rozlyn Olivas, 11th grade Winner Armando Hernandez and Mrs. Arredondo (principal)
12th Grade Winner Lesly Hernandez and Coach Beresford (AVID Teacher)

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