AP/NMSi Parent Night

Superintendent Pedro Martinez addresses a crowd of about 150 students and parents at the Brackenridge Advanced Placement/ National Math Science Initiative Parent Night. This event was held to inform the community about the partnership between NMSi and Brackenridge to help support students so that they can find success in their courses and be ready to successfully attend top tier colleges and universities. 

Opportunities were covered for students to find help and support in after school and Saturday enrichment and tutorial options. Students will also be able to qualify for $100 subsidies for qualifying scores on AP Exams. 

Finally, links were made to these efforts and how they will impact student growth on SAT Exams. 

Full-Year Pilot

Advanced Placement teachers and administrators met at the Highlands High cafeteria on August 2nd to receive training on the College Board Full-Year Pilot.

The Pilot will provide additional support and resources during the 2017-18 school year, which will include access to a new system enabling year-long, college level practice and instruction in AP classrooms. Students will have an earlier sign-up for testing by Nov. 1, 2017. An early commitment from students to sit for an AP Exam, supports students’ academic confidence and ownership of their own learning.

Guest speaker Trevor Packer addresses district AP staff at Highlands.