AP Exam Support Documents

Students, Teachers, and Families,

SAISD is proud to provide AP Exam Support Documents to assist students with their at-home AP Exams! These documents are designed to boost morale, remind students of the content covered, and support them with writing strategies. They are available for every AP Exam SAISD students will take in 2020! Here are the links:

We are also linking the College Board AP Exam Checklist and the 2020 Student and Family AP Testing Guide

COVID-19 Remote Learning

SAISD is proud to present support and resources for students to use during the COVID-19 crisis. While our campuses are closed to students, we have created “at home” lessons and resources to prepare students for success on their AP Exams in May! Please use this link to access the SAISD AP Digital Playground.

The SAISD AP Digital Playground

Scholar Celebration!

SAISD was pleased to honor 153 AP Scholars this year! Thank you students for your hard work and diligence! We know that you will accomplish great things in the coming years.

We celebrated the successes of our students at the Via Grand Rotunda.
Thank you Via Metropolitan Transit and the SAISD Foundation for your generous support!

Get more information on the levels of AP Scholar awards here.

Team AP 2019/2020!

Kevin Rasco
District Coordinator for Advanced Placement
Email Kevin Rasco

Martha Vasquez

District Coordinator for World Languages
Email Martha Vasquez

AP Implementation Specialists

AP English Language
Mary Guerrero – Highlands High

AP English Literature
Kristin Polansky – Highlands High

AP Calculus
Joseph Ibarra – Sam Houston High

AP World History
Caroline Castellanos – Jefferson High

AP US History
Mary Diaz – Lanier High

AP Government and Macroeconomics
Jeremy Guerrero – Edison High

AP Psychology
Joy Scrivener – YWLA

AP Biology
Victor Salinas – Travis ECHS

AP Environmental Science
Dana Kincaid – Fox Tech High

AP World Languages
Anne-Marie Hilton – Jefferson High

South Meets Southwest Regional Forum Presentation

Members of the Advanced Placement team presented on the “Powerful Use of Instructional Coaches for AP Courses” at the College Board South Meets Southwest Regional Forum in Dallas Texas. Presenters included Liz Ozuna, Mary Guerrero, Caroline Castellanos, Dana Kincaid, and Kevin Rasco.

Liz Ozuna speaks during a plenary session at the SMSW Regional Conference.
Team AP conducts a roundtable discussion for best-practices in supporting AP teachers.

College Board National Forum Presentation

Members of the Advanced Placement team presented on the “Powerful Use of Instructional Coaches for AP Courses” at the National College Board Forum in Dallas Texas. Presenters included Jeremy Guerrero, Jose Chavez, Sarah Alecozay, Gina Garcia, Joseph Ibarra, and Kevin Rasco.

David Coleman, Chief Executive at the College Board speaks about the future of AP.
The AP Team leading a roundtable discussion in best-practices for teacher support.

WL Curriculum Construction at EPIC

World Languages teachers met to build district curriculum at the EPIC Saturday on October 20th for the AP Spanish Language & Culture and the AP Spanish Literature & Culture courses. These teacher received training and collaborated to build Year-At-A-Glance Documents as well as Instructional Focus Documents.

Curriculum Construction EPIC 10-20-18